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A cross between the two strains Pure Kush and Wedding Crasher; PK Crasher is an indica dominant hybrid that is enjoyed by both medical and recreational consumers for its relaxing and potent physical high. It has been said to be best suited for evening consumption.

Consumers of PK Crasher say the effects start with a euphoric cerebral buzz that many say crescendos into a deep relaxing body high that will leave you sedated and glued on the couch for hours on end. It’s a strain that some medical reviewers have said can help ease symptoms of stress and anxiety while other users recommend PK Crasher to help with more physical issues such as chronic pain and muscle tension.

When ground, PK Crasher aroma is sweet, kushy, and reminiscent of a citrus cleanser. When consumed, its flavor is earthy and hashy with a slightly sour finish.


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PK Crasher

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