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Edible medical cannabis products are products that are swallowed and digested by the stomach. Edibles come in many varieties, including pills, tablets, capsules, tinctures, oils, and chewable forms.

Always use caution when consuming an edible product. Dosage amounts may vary by brand. Start with one low-dose or single-serving product until you know how edibles will affect you. 1-5 milligrams (“mg”) is recommended for new consumers, as it is important to make sure your body can digest medical cannabis comfortably. 5-10 mg is considered a single serving for occasional consumers. A 10-15 mg dose is reserved only for those with a high edible tolerance or those suffering from severe discomfort.

Although only 10-20% of the cannabinoids reach the blood plasma after being processed through the digestive system, a potent THC metabolite (11-hydroxy-THC) forms in the liver during the process that has a higher affinity to bind to cannabinoid receptors and is thought to be 5-10 times stronger or more psychoactive than the originally ingested THC. Experiences may vary from person to person.

You cannot overdose on medical cannabis; however, the side effects can be intense and overwhelming. Try small doses at first and give yourself a few days to figure out the correct titration. Remember these helpful tips:

  • Don’t mix edibles with alcohol or other controlled substances.
  • Most people who have bad experiences take a single dose, feel nothing, and re-dose repeatedly before the onset of the initial dose. Remember, it can take two hours or longer to take effect.
  • Everyone’s metabolism is different, so, every person will react differently. It is very important to “Start Low & Go Slow” to have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Read and follow the instructions for dosage and recommended serving size on the packaging.

Onset and Duration
One to two hours or longer to reach the desired effect, depending on a variety of factors, including weight, metabolism, and how much food was ingested prior to dosing and afterward. Read instructions carefully and follow as directed. May last between six and ten hours.

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